Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Monarch Butterflies

This term was all about Monarch Butterflies. Alyssa brought in two swan plants and they even had some caterpillars on them. One was ready to become a crysalis. Mrs Wallace took them home to babysit (just in case they got lost in the classroom) and she woke up to find the caterpillar like this.

And then after about 15 minutes it changed to this:

It was wriggling around. Here is a video that Mrs Wallace took of it.

There were some baby caterpillars too. They are so small. Can you see them?


The crysalis changed colour and went black and you could see the orange wings inside. WE also had another caterpillar turn into a crysalis. Ava also brought in her own one from home and it changed too. We had caterpillars, crysalis' and butterflies. It was super exciting. We loved watching them everyday get bigger and bigger, and loved watching the changes. Here are some more photos.

We wrote about them. We wrote about the lifecycle, wrote a cinquain poem and created a crayon and watercolour resist piece of art.

Photos to come.

Here is a video that we watched off you tube about the lifecycle of the butterfly.

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